Monday, April 23, 2012

KFC Singapore Experience.

I was planning to meet some friends for dinner and there is a zinger double down meal and someone decided that it was a good idea to try it out. So we ended up in KFC.

At KFC Toa Payoh, we saw people moving away from a queue and it became the shortest queue so we queued behind a lady. When the lady went up to order, we realized that she was a Chinese National and people were avoiding her as the waitress sounded like she was from Philippines. To our delight, she was able to order in English.

During her order, we felt something was wrong. She wanted all breast meat which KFC did not allowed and then all communication broke down. She compromised with Thigh and Drumsticks for all 12 pieces of chicken she ordered, and when the order came, she kept changing the chicken and complaining it was too small. And the later complain was she wanted -- all breast and not thighs and she could not express herself properly.

Minutes later during the confusion, one of her friends came over and took one piece of chicken away and while she was paying for her order, she counted the chicken and wanted another one. I informed the staff that one chicken was taken and the Chinese lady made a lot of noise.

"What a disgrace! Trying to steal a piece of chicken??" I said and the lady was still trying to argue about the small chicken size and I just told her to pay up and get lost.


I ordered my double down burger and IT WAS THE WORST thing EVER! There was some bacon / ham thing which was cold and salty, and did not taste like ham or bacon! The breading was bad and the crispy layer seemed to fall off before you eat and because of the way it is packaged, it was soggy.

There seemed to be some Mayonnaise sauce on one side of the patty and sadly, the burger which should taste so good (The Japanese version is delicious) is simply foul tasting and coats your mouth with an "old oil" after taste.


I probably will not go to KFC Singapore ever again... The tagline -- so good -- is simply a lie.

-- Iron Bowl

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