Thursday, April 26, 2012

Property News in Singapore

My brain is full of.. FUCK!

10 days ago.

Q1 new private home sales hit record 6,700

Figure even breaks a few full-year totals


This suggests economy is doing well, and when people are angry about unaffordable housing, this reports infuriates them even more.


Sky Habitat to set price record for suburban condo

MediaCorp spoke to were bandying about figures of S$1,700 to S$1,800 per square foot, which would make it the most expensive suburban condominium to date.


And today, 


Singapore Q1 private home prices down 0.1% from Q4 2011


The 0.1 per cent drop marks the first quarterly decline in Singapore private home prices since the second quarter of 2009.


Um... should we celebrate? Or Cry?

-- Iron Bowl

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