Monday, May 14, 2012

Ma Chi -- Ferrari Driver that killed Cabbie in Singapore.

The dead PRC driver, Ma Chi, of the red Ferrari was the brother of Ma Yong, one of the big mafia bosses operating in Chongqing. During the crackdown initiated by Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun on the Chinese mafia, Ma Yong fled to Guangzhou in the south.

The Straits Times of May 14 described the deceased driver, Ma Chi, as a 31-year old private investor. The latter never graduated from college.

According to some sources, Ma Chi used to launder at least 1 million of USD per month in Hongkong.
We have Gaddafi, Mugabe and other dictator's and mob boss's relatives in Singapore too.

For those people crying for justice, try claiming from a mob boss?

Can someone confirm this? Is Singapore a money laundering paradise?

Singapore does not care about the source of your funds when they come in, but this is getting ridiculous.

-- Iron Bowl.



kampongboy said...

interesting, can you please give us some document proof, where did you get this informations?

Unknown said...

Claim from the Ferrari insurance company not the family. Thats why you have insurance

Driver1 said...

This Ma Chicken Ferrari driver was from SiChuan province. In 2008 May 12, there was a big earthquake in Sichuan that killed over 50k people. The chinese gov release lots of fund to aid that area, but some fund went missing.

2012 may 12, this Ferrari driver got killed, exatly 5 years from that earthquake day.

The Chinese embassy in spore or the China gov needs to investigate this issue, to see if this Ma Chicken's parents or relatives are some Sichuan gov officials that kept those relief fund.

Overmydeadbody said...

This is evidence of the rise of the China bourgeoisie again to bully and cheat the decent peoples of their country. Karma has it that the family will be punished and we hope the spirit of Mao Tze Tung will rise to wipe these bastards out.