Thursday, May 24, 2012

That xenophobia thing.

The irrational fear of Aliens... Is this something that Singaporean have?

Well, I'm sure when aliens come invade and start killing us, we will all fear and grow to hate them. And the government is quick to label Singaporeans as xenophobic.

A few months ago, Singaporeans can be prevented to cook curry in their homes if foreigners complain. Foreigners are blamed for pushing up living costs, straining public transport and stealing jobs, with mainland Chinese bearing the brunt of attacks.

The accident came two months after a Malaysian cleaner at Singapore's Changi Airport was killed after he was hit by a taxi hijacked by a Chinese guest worker.

But why label Singaporeans xenophobic? The lack of regulation by the government opened a floodgate to import foreigners, and both good and bad ones enter the country, and crime is definitely on the rise.

Few months ago, 14 year-old Thai student fell onto the MRT tracks and Singaporeans -- being so xenophobic -- assaulted her family with donations, even when there was a lawsuit which resulted in her family recovering millions of dollars.

The incompetence of  the Singapore system, which is by no way "corrupt", just friends and family of certain groups getting privileges, high paying salaries in positions which they do not contribute. The flawed system which claims that it is based on meritocracy, and why some people, like the ministers can be paid a few times that of other leaders from other countries much bigger than Singapore, yet the average Singaporean's wages is stagnant with a sharp inflation in place.

Xenophobic or not, it is a label, that once you speak against the a certain party in power, you seemed to be "unpatriotic" and if you speak against their policies, you may be visited by the ISA.

Quoting Gerald Giam, 

"Then she went on to say that we don’t even need opposition MPs. She said that we can go check out the Internet to see the views of ex-Nominated MPs and bloggers like mr brown. She said that they do not have allegiance to any specific political party and have minds of their own. She said that they are the real check on the PAP. Wow! Really? Bloggers are the real check on the PAP? I was an active political blogger several years ago. If I had heard this her speech back then, I wouldn’t have bothered going through all this trouble to join the Workers’ Party and contest in elections. I would have just stayed at home and blogged away to bring about real change to Singapore!
By her logic, we can just all go into Facebook to debate and make laws there. Why bother with Parliament?
In fact, even blogger mr brown, whom Ms Phua mentioned, was tickled. Here is what he wrote on his blog in response:
“I am honoured. Does that mean I get to vote on bills and speak in Parliament from now on?”
I think Ms Phua has a fundamental misunderstanding of the Parliamentary process."

-- Iron Bowl


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