Monday, July 30, 2012

Sex Country... Singapore

Yes, Sex is legal in Singapore, and you can visit Geylang for Sex. Although there is probably much human trafficking, lots of underaged prostitutes, there are also online sex, where you can call and engage in. However, Howard Shaw, Grandson of Philanthropist, Run Run Shaw, is sentenced to jail for having sex to a 17 year old student.
Strangely, she was paid, and apparently nothing happened to her, just her photos all over the news, and she is now a well know slut, thought having sex with her now would be legal.
Another note, NUS professor is in trouble for having sex with a student in exchange for grades. NUS is terribly quiet about this, which allows for more speculation on how many other students offered sex to professors at the Law Faculty?
In this case however, the student who offered sex is now charged and arrested.
In the past, you expect Thai prostitutes when you visit Geylang -- Singapore's expanding Red light district, however, it is majority from China now, and even if you ask some of them when you talk to them, they are in Singapore as students.
I wonder if their lecturers get sex for giving them better grades?
I guess with more foreign labor, more foreign talents, casinos, you get more hookers, drugs and shady stuff in Geylang which the police seems to want to ignore.
If we keep this up, Singapore can probably be #1 in the sex trade too.

-- Iron Bowl

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