Monday, July 02, 2012

Singapore police arrest 2 for making remarks online

Yep, Singapore Police is tracking Facebook and Twitter and arresting folks.

With murders, theft, robberies, human trafficking and speeding (and other related traffic offences) "not present" in Singapore, the police can focus their attention on people on social media because it is more interesting and fun, and of course, online dissidents are unlikely to attack them with a scredriver.

These people writing stuff on Facebook and Twitter are really dangerous and need to be locked up as they create social disharmony. Singapore police arrest 2 for making racist remarks online

Well, if you have something to say, it would perhaps be better if you joined YPAP. Because you all know calling a school bus load of students -- "Terrorists" is somehow ok. So next time before you post and tweet, think. (Or join YPAP before using Social Media in Singapore) -- Ironbowl

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