Thursday, August 30, 2012

Budget Terminal - What a waste of public funds

Changi Airport opened in 1981, and it made Singaporeans proud.

When Terminal 2 was built in 1991, it was a marvel

However, when budget terminal was built, and subsequently, terminal 3, many people simply questioned, with terminal 1 and 2 not running even close to full capacity, are the 2 new terminals necessary?

Trying to justify with the government's aim to grow tourism, the new airport terminals were simply built, whether the the public disagrees or not.

Terminal 3 was underutilized, and budget terminal flight could totally fit in the still available Terminal 2, however with Terminal 1 under renovations, more flights were going to Terminal 2 and 3.

Still, the budget terminal seemed like a very stupid place to fly from. Airport tax is unbelievably high, walking up and down the plane and saving a few dollars just does not make much sense. Jetstar in fact was flying out of Terminal 2, and I would pay $50 more to fly from Terminal 2 rather than Budget Terminal.

It is sad that after all that construction, and $$$ spent, Budget Terminal is going to be closed, and Terminal 4 will be in its place. I can be certain that pretty much, a lot of the structure will be torn down, making it a big waste of funds, not to mention, very bad for the environment.

-- Iron Bowl

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