Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sports Perspective - Foreign Talents

Olympic games, a time where people unite together to support their countrymen in sports. This is true for most countries, and in Malaysia, the whole nation seemed to be behind Lee Chong Wei, regardless of race, language or religion. Everyone feels for Chong Wei as he battles with an ankle injury and battles the World #1 and seemed dignified as he clinches the silver medal with his tough battle, finally losing in a close game.

In Singapore, Feng Tian Wei won the bronze medal, and many Singaporeans are not proud of her achievements.

Now in the news, the government feels it is important to justify the Foreign Sports Talent Scheme.

In 2008, According to figures mentioned before the House, 54 foreign-born athletes have since become Singaporeans.
But only 37 of them are still in active training. Table tennis player Zhang Xueling, badminton's Xiao Luxi - both from China - and Brazilian footballer Egmar Goncalves are among those who have packed up and returned to their native homelands.
The 30 per cent drop-out rate prompted Nominated MP Jessie Phua to say in Parliament on Wednesday: 'It is certainly not a case of a few bad apples.

What exactly has changed after 1 General election which has seen PAP's popularity dropped to 60.1%. An all time low even with twice the amount of population in 2011 compared to the year 2000. (And yes, not all of them were born in the 10 years or so)

'What's important is also the legacy they leave behind, whether these stars can transfer their expertise and inspire our home-grown youngsters.'
The big question is, are local players even allowed to play in a sport dominated by mercenaries.
There are many FTs in all the other sports, but what have they shown after all the money spent on them, shouldn't the money be spent by sending top local talents overseas for training (if necessary)
After so many years, have FTs inspired any local players, or have they totally replaced our locals in the top sports events -- the London Olympics 2012?

-- Iron Bowl

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