Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is there anything real in Singapore anymore?

There is not doubt people turn out to see the Royal couples when they come to Singapore, but the show that was put on is simply outrageous. Old people practicing Taichi in the middle of the day, kids playing instead of being in tuition classes, aunties exercising (while the others taking photos are behind a barrier?)

Here's a pic from 9GAG

A few days ago, this is the turnout of people to receive the 2 Pandas. The Pandas are in a refrigerated truck, and the people do not even get a chance to catch a glimpse of the Pandas... Why do they even bother?

Then there is the $3,000 Dishwasher. (Ernst & Young is paying $2.7k/month for penetration testers (a software engineering role to find vulnerabilities in existing software systems).)

I guess you can understand what Singapore is like.

This is a Rikuzentakada Tree in Japan. I guess everyone knows what trees are.

This is a Singapore's Super Tree.

Nuff Said.

Would like to talk more about Lion Dance the royal couples saw, but bitch please, its the 7th month, no one does Lion Dance during this period. The activists if they had half a brain should get the couples to go visit our heritage site, Bukit Brown.

-- Iron Bowl

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