Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do decision makers in Singapore Engage?

Don't really understand some of these things below.

1) Have you ever noticed many display screens near the entrance of MRT stations displaying video footage that is recorded live of people walking around? I thought these screens should show you the time the trains are coming and not yourself walking towards a camera!

2) When paying for petrol, having the right credit card saves you 18.3% (at ESSO), so if you are poor and can't have credit card, you pay more for gas? Just stop the monopolized high price and be done with it.

3) Singtel has a program to give iPhones to the elderly. (Perhaps iPhone has an app to tell where cardboards and cans are located?)

It is common to see old people begging to sell you tissue paper, collecting cans and cardboards for recycling (and making a living). Most of them work not because they want to keep active, but rather out of a necessity as there are no social safety nets and housing and healthcare costs are simple unaffordable.

Old people are also exploited in Singapore getting less pay for doing the same jobs they did previously as there is a large influx of cheap unskilled labor from foreign countries available in Singapore. And yes, Singtel believes giving old people an iPhone is helping them.

Guess what, when the elderly is addicted to 3G and smart phones, they will pay for a service they previously are not paying for in just a year. They did it for maids, low income foreign workers, and now, the elderly are targeted as "customers" and it is just part of their CSR.


So these decision makers in big organizations in Singapore, how many of them asks their customers or the public they serve, do they need what you are spending millions to do for them?

-- Iron Bowl

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