Thursday, December 27, 2012

The by-election and Iron Bowl WINNING Strategy

Iron Bowl stands by the theory that if there are more candidates, the people will have more and better choices.

I don't understand why it will be bad if more candidates from different parties join in this battle. In most countries without GRC and barriers for democracy, it is often common for independent candidates to participate in the elections. It is all about the messages that they have and the values they believe in.

In Ponggol East (where is that again?? There is East of Ponggol?), I believe it is a new estate, formerly "Lush jungle of the north", no parties have really built up a stronghold and have members canvassing the grounds. It is in fact, fair game. Anyone, interested in making it a better place can definitely do so. Even though there is significant threats like "If you don't vote for PAP, your flat will worth $0, and you will not get upgrades and all MRT station will be closed" (Come on, you really believe that? -- And yes, perhaps the 60.1% do) The incumbent party will have the benefit.

BUT remember, it is their failure to do their duty (as a husband) that caused this to happen. PAP was literally in bed with PA, and this by-election has to be called by the PM(or will it).

I strongly believe that the best candidate for the constituency should win, regardless of party. The one that can articulate their values best deserve to win.


Iron Bowl WINNING Strategy.

OPPOSITION: Please listen.

Politics is all about collaboration, and "give and take". Negotiations is key. You MUST always communicate with members of other parties, and come out with the best solution beneficial to all parties.

Even though this may sound like a waste of money, some will win and some will lose.

If the opposition can group together, and bring in 2016 to the table, they can

1) Negotiate territories and start building support for 2016, without overlapping effort. (although the PAP is going to redraw the line and change GRCs, but this is going to happen anyways)

2) Build their base and find out about how much support their members have. A good litmus test on their strength of their party.

3) As the election date draw close, they can always negotiate to let the strongest candidate win. (If WP candidate is strongest, the RP Candidate can always give up and tell their supporters to vote WP)

4)You can have more than 1 speaking opportunity to support the other candidate. If each candidate gets a speech, 5 candidates have 5 venues to support 1 candidate. Reach out to more people.

5) The "losing party" can negotiate with the winning party, and bargain support for other constituencies in 2016. That is one politics is all about, the negotiations and dealings behind the screen.

See, in the end if we have more members, the opposition can still win, even with many parties competing.

-- Iron Bowl

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