Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The tale of 2 towns

In the city where we pay more than average by a magnitude to get the "best" for public service, and when it is for bus drivers, it is ok to lie to them and pay them low wages?

When there are no fair outlets that would listen to reason, and the rules and laws favor the rich and corporations, what can one do but to have a peaceful protest. And when that is illegal, then what?

“You can resign and go to SBS,” the drivers were told

Singapore is built on its position. A long time ago, many leaders have noted the advantageous position Singapore has geographically.

With no natural disasters, and an advantageous position, the Dutch, British and even Japanese wanted to take Singapore, and it is no surprise that Singapore once held the busiest port and best airport.

The well planned well oiled -- non-corrupt -- system built has seen great progress, however, in the pursuit of higher growth and higher GDP, many of the strategies have changed. The tax structure is evolving and mass influx of foreign workers does bring in the desired numbers, however the social cost is very high.

The leaders are put into place instead of being the right guy for the job and the dis-empowerment of the people, their lack of voice seemed to turn regular people into complainers and blamers.

There are 2 standards present, and whether it is legal to treat people this way, first think if it is right.

-- Iron Bowl

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