Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sin City 69

Sin City with 6.9 Million Population

In an alternate universe, where mysteries are solved. One can speculate the benefits of a lot of foreign workers and building casinos in Sin City.

1) Foreign Workers from China.

With a profit from every employee that will work in Sin City, say, RMB$10,000, and with 0.3 million worker coming in every year, (assuming that some return) the unlicensed loans, HR fees is a very profitable industry.

The organized crime syndicates are all very happy to give "micro loans" to support these villagers to work as "low skilled" labor in the Sin City.

2) Lax Banks and Investment Laws

As long as money is here, money is good. Sin City never asks the source of funds. It is common for PRC nationals to buy a house which cost more than a few million dollars with cash, or a $300,000 car with cash. Yes, cash.

No questions asked. In fact, it is welcomed.

3) Casinos for "Big Rollers"

Casino Chips of LARGE denominations which are pretty small to carry, to be used as good as cash? Yup.. definitely a great way to "pay" someone with much of a trail isn't it?

If you need to bring more than USD$30,000 to Singapore? No problem, if you have the right contacts, you can buy actual legit casino chips which can easily pass through customs, easily.

Otherwise, pass your RMB to your contact which will get you another person in Sin City to pass you some casino chips to cash out. And yes, they don't ask where your money comes from.

4) Many many PRC workers in the country.

What do migrant workers do? They work. and get paid. Then what do they do with the money? Remit...

Yes. Remittance. So why is remittance bad?

Well, you see, organized crime has a way of paying in China (RMB$$) and getting S$ dollars in Singapore. The $$$ from these workers (and students) are pretty clean and with their massive numbers, you can easily get S$20 million a month transacted?

(200,000 workers remitting S$100)


This is a money laundering paradise, Sin City 69.

-- Iron Bowl

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