Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Haze in Singapore - 3 hour average?

I don't get why is there a 3 hour average reading for PSI. Is it like we paying COE like 3 months moving average for 10 year old cars?

If the air is bad now, shouldn't I be allowed to know what is the PSI of NOW? or at least the past 30 mins or 1 hour?

Knowing the 3 hour average is like going outside in super fresh air, then going to a smoking lounge and taking the average and say, "that was 1/3 as bad as expected."

PSI, or Pollutants Standard Index is similar to AQI - Air quality index and in most countries, especially in situations which involve forest fires like in Arizona, they measure with quick updates to give you information. Information which may save lives.

If you have asthma, and PSI reading of 150 is bad for you. Even when you don't see the sky and according to the NEA reading 3 hours average of 90, say you are forced to exercise as 90 falls under the "still can do RT range" Then in Singapore where people don't look at sky or FACTs but follow rules and readings, would your life be at risk?

 It is currently 453

Average of say 25, 45 and 300 is 90... Oh wow, the PSI is 300 now, but 3 hour average is 90?

Who are you kidding when you use a 3 hour average.

NEA, the next thing you tell me is a 3 hour water level index which attempts to spot flash floods.

Come, I clap for you.

-- Iron Bowl

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