Thursday, August 29, 2013

Barriers are discriminating against the poor

Electronic Parking Barriers are popping up everywhere. New barriers are up everyday. For drivers, with their this may be good as they get "per minute parking" with a 10 minute grace, which means they can park for 30 mins and pay $0.25 for parking.

With the very high COE, some of these parking lots in Toa Payoh are parked with Ferraris, Jaguars and Mercedes Benz, instead of paying more for short term parking, electronic parking barriers allow them to pay less.

However, for the poor guy who cannot afford a car, and have the need to get around, these barriers increases their costs. I've been to Holland Village for lunch, and paid $0.65 for parking for 23 mins, and met a friend at Dorset Road with another electronic parking, and paid yet another $0.65 for less than 20 mins. My friend who is driving paid $0.30 in Holland Village and $0.27 at Dorset Road.

I could see this problem compound in the city areas where dispatch riders are being forced to park illegally or simply pay much more for say 15 minutes of parking. (As they have to change pass at security, wait for elevators, etc)

Why does it cost more for motorcycle parking? Why don't bikes get per minute parking as well?

Bikers have no voice and is not represented in politics.

-- Iron Bowl

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