Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bikes are Status Symbols - Bitch Please

I might agree if this was used in other countries.

This article clearly shows that while the number of motorcycle is dropping, the COE of motorcycle which is primarily used for those who cannot afford cars, is not.

In fact, there are more electronic parking that is appearing everywhere, which actually charges motorcyclists more for parking short duration. $0.65 per secession rather than per minute parking for car which costs about $0.30 for lunch at Holland Village for example.

Motorcycles are not allowed to enter Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands... The list goes on.

The most expensive motorcycle, say S$70,000 is still cheaper than the COE if you intend to get a Cherry QQ in Singapore.


I was riding a Burgman 400, Burgman 650 and I realized that public transportation actually costs more than riding a motorcycle.

Riding a big motorcycle that may cost more than $20,000 requires a Class 2 motorcycle license, which you need 1 year experience of riding Class 2A, which you need 1 year experience of riding Class 2B.... It is not something that someone that decides that he wants to show off his Brand New Ducati will simply do because its a status symbol.

I have a question, is it glamorous to be sweaty, rained on or have black exhausts blown at you?

Motorcycles are simply an efficient form of transport, using less gas, producing less CO2, using less space on the roads. Many bikers are very down to earth people with the passion of riding.

Is the writer of the Mypaper Article trying to say or justify that it is right to tax the people who cannot afford cars more than the car owners?

BITCH PLEASE, there is not LUXE in riding a bike. Just humble commuters trying to get to places with a lower cost and perhaps saving some time by riding between lanes.

Please focus on the real problem, motorcyclists and public transportation commuters are facing more congestion, and higher cost and we are not rich, and yet the public transportation companies are making record profits.

Stop taxing bikers and justifying that there are LUXE bikers, because the fact is, most bikes are not big and the bike population is getting smaller despite the high car COE prices.

-- Iron bowl

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