Thursday, September 19, 2013

Singapore Guys.

Have you ever searched for the term Singapore Guys on Google or any search engine. You will find that all Singapore guys are shirtless, good looking and have great body.

It is no doubt that many guys like other guys, however, even when the Pope is agreeable to Gays and Lesbian, the draconian Laws, namely Section 377A does not.

A gay couple challenging a Singapore anti-gay sex law had their application to have a Queen's Counsel argue their appeal dismissed. But the court dismisses the bid.

What is Singapore trying to prevent harm from?

Morals? Well we have 2 casinos, prostitution is legal, highly paid public servants are corrupt, you can have sex with lecturers for better grades -- God Apologizes to Kong Hee...

Yet, the law criminalizes a whole community of people... From Google's View -- all men in Singapore. Yes, all men at some point of their lives in Singapore live in close proximity in a community of other men, learning skills and training together to be fit and trust one another. I remember I had a buddy which we lived on top of the other for months.

This is Singapore. Our men spend years keeping fit and we are proud of who we are.

If the society accepts us, why does such a law exist, and how to we even prove if a person is guilty?

-- Iron Bowl.

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