Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rich Expats in Singapore get different treatment by the law

Apparently, being a rich expat has a lot of perks. When you call Singaporeans poor and say that the public transportation reeks, it seems to be fine if you are a rich British Expat.

Even when Singaporeans are outraged, the government simply call it, "Xenophobic" Singaporeans are not allowed to hate foreigners who hate on them in the first place.

There are a lot of other Singaporeans who get into trouble on Social Media

S’pore cartoonist arrested for alleged sedition

SINGAPORE: Blogger arrested for racist post

Alex Au, a blogger was sent a lawyers letter by the Lee government for accusing them of nepotism and corruption involving the sale and purchase of computers by a company owned by the ruling party to government community center offices.

Even  PRC students gets punished.
NUS student Sun Xu punished for 'dogs' comment

Well so far, there is a law for the rich, British Expat, and a law for everyone else.

-- Ironbowl.

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Chan JY said...

More than one person have made police reports against him. but, it seems that he has fled.