Friday, January 31, 2014

Racist Rules? #Singapore

When religious event -- the Thaipusam procession -- in Singapore becomes curbed, and when culture becomes noise, is it just ill will towards a single race?

The Hindu Endowments Board guidelines – which say no singing, no beating of drums or gongs and no playing of recorded music shall be allowed. (2011)

It is part of our culture. [VIDEO]

Temp Bill proposes giving police the power to strip search anyone who enters Little India, ban people from entering the area

There is also a 6 month ban on sale in alcohol in Little India. [NEWS]

Two men fined $4,000 each for selling alcohol in Little India illegally

It is Chinese New Year today. In Singapore, there are roving bands of Lion Dance -- EVERYWHERE! Even on HDB Blocks.

I mean, is this allowed?-- YES, because its has been our culture as Singaporeans. We embrace Chinese New Year and Thaipusam! Why is there a ban on noise on one, and not the other.

And on drinking, there are lots of other races drinking, getting rowdy and drunk. Look at Clarke Quay, Orchard Point, etc. What about the gang fights, stabbings there? Yet there is a ban of alcohol in Little India?

There seems to be a separate development in Singapore for the Chinese and other races, where anything the Chinese do seems to be fine. Because they are the majority?

Is this what you call democracy? Multi-racial, multi-religious country?

-- Ironbowl

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