Friday, February 07, 2014

The day COE for bikes exceed $3k

Discrimination towards bikers.

Since getting my license in 1993, I've been riding a motorcycle every country I go. In Singapore, the COE for motorcycles have been $1 for the longest of time. 

Motorcycles have been a convenient way to get around. And in Asia, the cost of ownership of a motorcycle is generally much lower, and it is a much more affordable form of transport. As a result, there is often much discrimination.

In Singapore, being a biker is getting more tough. In my opinion, motorcycle does not really contribute much to traffic congestion as the Asian motorcyclists can easily filter through traffic, hence charging ERP on bikers is not very fair. (If ERP is a used to alleviate traffic jams)

Furthermore, for parking, motorcycles can fit into weird corners cars cannot fit in, however, many malls and locations do not allow motorcycles to park, and in a lot of places, there is not enough parking spaces, leading to motorcycles parking illegally and getting fined. (And yes, Motorcycles cannot enter Sentosa because rich people live there.)

In 2014, in the COE of motorcycles exceed $3k as LTA reduced the supply for motorcycles. With a failing and unreliable public transportation system, motorcycle, once a cheap reliable way to get around the island is now getting costly. In the past, getting a brand new motorcycle can be less than $4k, but with the price of COE now, the price is easily doubled.

LTA, have you done any research on how COE prices may affect the poor?

-- Ironbowl

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