Friday, March 14, 2014

A chat with a Lawyer -- Singapore

I was talking to a lawyer about his religion, and it was a very interesting perspective that I would like to share.

I would say he is a rather successful lawyer, and a Christian that believes in the prosperity bible. He claims to have tithe more than $10,000 a month and to him his conscious is clear, because he "donates".

Everyday, in his job, he find ways where corporates can close down their companies and not pay their employees any severance fees, or way where a company is sold to another company without paying the employees much even when they hold stock options. In short, he helps corporations screw over employees.


This makes me wonder, are there many people like this lawyer who thinks it is enough to donate and problems in society will magically disappear. Does he know where his donated money is going? And the question is does he really want to know...

-- Iron Bowl

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Long wait at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

I've recently sent my mom to for a minor surgery at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and I felt that there were many things to be improved.

I'm not complaining about the staff at the hospital. Everyone was nice and courteous, however, the wait was very long and the whole system seemed annoying.

1) Appointment time is 10am, and even when we arrive at 9:30am, there are many people there. After speaking to many of the people, it seems that 10 others have the same appointment at 10am. I don't understand why everyone will have the same appointment at the same time when there are limited doctors, and perhaps, there are many many operating theaters?

2) For a minor surgery, some families come with 8 family members, with about 20+ seats available, many people including those that need surgery need to stand. why is the day surgery waiting area so small then?

So the wait was actually not that bad, we managed to be seen by a nurse and allocated a bed by about 11am, and informed that the short 20 min surgery will happen at 12:30pm.

I don't understand, are people generally so late or do not show up at all, such that so many people are scheduled at the same time? This seems terribly inefficient.

3) After the operation at about 2:30pm, my mom was back at the day surgery wards. Many people were there for a while and then discharged. They discovered that my mom have an irregular heart beat and doctor wanted to speak to her before she can be discharged. However, the doctor went and did another surgery.

At 7pm, my mom really wanted to go home. After such a long wait, and not eating for a whole day (They told my mom that she cannot eat after 7am on the day of the operation) My mom even decided to walk out. The nurses were informed and finally, another doctor came, and my mom asked for a very reasonable request. "I want to go home, I feel ok. If there is anything wrong with my heart, can I come back another day to do a check up rather than waiting here. Because nothing has been done, and I don't see anything being done, even if I stay here. I just have to pay more and die of hunger."

So the nurses made my mother fill up some paperwork that she understands the risks involved if she were to go home, she signed and went home.

4) My mom went back for the heart check up on Wednesday, and check up on her surgery on Thursday. Why can't it all been done one the same day? What's worse is that the check up is simply some scans and she is given blood thinners.

Again, I have to say that the staff and nurses are very professional and courteous. But there seems to be lots of paperwork and the processes is cumbersome bureaucratic and inefficient.

I hope that something can be changed as the nice new hospital built to handle crowds, cannot seem to handle crowd due to bad processes. Perhaps it for safety, or perhaps... Its is more profitable for people to wait.

-- Ironbowl