Friday, May 30, 2014

Why I love Singapore

These are top 10 reasons Why I love Singapore.

10) There are roads, and public transportation.

Like, wow man... Buses...

9) There is air conditioning.

Like in malls and homes... Wow, such technology, so comfort...

8) There are no black outs.

There are street lamps and yet there are no black outs... wow.

7) People can speak English.

Even the Asian looking people can speak English, though sometimes you cannot understand them...

6) There is no war.

I mean like no armored tanks patrolling the streets, incredible...

5) The beggars give you tissue.

Yes, beggars give you 3 packets of tissue when you give them $1

4) You can drink out of the tap.

Wow, Singaporeans are brave... no waterborne diseases...

3) CPF is awesome

Just like the snake is saving this fish from drowning.

2) People use the toilets.

Unlike some countries, people actually use the toilets... What advanced civilization this must be... People sometimes wash their hands after using the toilet..  Rad!

1) Government is not corrupt.

You only have highly paid ministers who put family members in government linked companies.. No corruption at all. Seriously!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 things in Singapore that cost more than other cities

1) Public Housing.

HDB maisonette sells for record $1.05m in Bishan

Average rental per unit of HDB 
2 Bed room HDB flat - S$2000?? (Because almost impossible to get government subsidized flat and impossible to own one)

Let us compare with NYC
Increase of cost of Public Housing (Manhattan)
How Affordable is Public Housing? (Manhattan, New York)
As of January 1, 2014:
Families in the Conventional and Section 8 programs pay no more than 30 percent of their family income for rent. The rent difference is subsidized by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
Average family income in Conventional Public Housing is $23,150.
Average monthly rent is $445.
Working families account for 47.2 percent of NYCHA families.
11.4 percent of NYCHA families receive Public Assistance.
Social Security, SSI, Pensions, Veteran's Benefits, etc., support 41.4 percent of the families.
37.0 percent of the households are headed by persons age 62 and older 19.0 percent of the NYCHA
Population is age 62 or older 33.9 percent of the NYCHA population are residents younger than age 21 and 27.4 percent are minors younger than age 18.

Lets compare this is Malaysia... Errr... Nevermind.

Say a Flat with good location near KL costs RM$80,000??


2) Lets look at cost of cars.

Toyota Camry 2.0 (New) - Sedan Auto - S$168,888 Guaranteed COE. (Singapore)

Toyota Camry LE 2.5 (New) - Sedan Auto - US$23,460 MSRP (Boston) (S$30k)

Toyota Camry LE 2.5 (New) - Sedan Auto - NT$999,000 MSRP (Taiwan) (S$45k)

Toyota Camry Luxury 2.5 (New) - Sedan Auto - HK$357,700 MSRP (Hong Kong) (S$58k)


3) Donuts

Lets look at cost of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme made its local debut here on Oct 12, with an original glazed doughnut priced at S$2.60.

The same doughnut retails at US$0.99 (S$1.20) in the United States and RM2.50 (S$0.98) in Malaysia.

A dozen of the glazed doughnuts here cost S$23.40, but they go for A$15.95 (S$19.10) in Australia.

Krispy Kreme cost less in Tokyo too.


4) Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 - 512GB Intel i7
Singapore - S$2698
USA - US$1949 (S$2440)

Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA2 PRO Ultrabook 5940 -  I7-4500U Processor 8GB RAM, 256GB DDD
Singapore - S$1967
USA - US$1299 (S$1626)


5) Beer

Lets looks at Carlsberg 12 Cans
Malaysia - RM45.28 (S$17.50)
Singapore - S$49.95 (NTUC)
USA - US$11.99 (S$14.50) excluding US$0.60 Can deposits


-- IronBowl

Monday, May 19, 2014

Symmetry... Not

Independence Square in Colombo, something feels odd. The new fountains seemed to be placed in a non-symmetrical way compared to the existing structures. Just making things look odd.

Random pipes appear at parts of the building "Grandstand" which makes a door not able to close. Did the design fail?

Maybe symmetrical is too "yesterday" and random pipes is the new chic...

-- IronBowl

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Video Exposes Mindsets of PAP


This video clearly shows that there is one mind and one thought when it comes to this video. Making this video is a "Good Idea" and like most PAP ideas, everyone in the party have to support it.


This video is recorded and edited, probably scripted with pretty good equipment probably bought with PAP funds. I am sure no expense was spared and probably props are even made and bought just for this video. Like most PAP projects, noble ideas fall flat during execution. Group think is strong and other opinions probably squished making any flawed execution -- horrendous.


Once the deed is done, it is released and people will pray that everything goes well. They may also seek the advice of others, however, the ones they may listen to, are on their side and because of group think, cannot offer other opinions, except "liking it"

It is indeed scary how YP can attract these "talents" and from the sound of their voice, they sound pretty brainwashed. I could say that the indoctrination is pretty successful to turn youth into these errr... "passionate beings"

Every complain will be considered "noise" and the inputs will probably be ignored. Its strange that you can comment on the YouTube video above and if you dislike the video, feel free to comment and see how your comment will either be deleted or ignored.

For that is the "passionate" way.

-- IronBowl