Friday, May 30, 2014

Why I love Singapore

These are top 10 reasons Why I love Singapore.

10) There are roads, and public transportation.

Like, wow man... Buses...

9) There is air conditioning.

Like in malls and homes... Wow, such technology, so comfort...

8) There are no black outs.

There are street lamps and yet there are no black outs... wow.

7) People can speak English.

Even the Asian looking people can speak English, though sometimes you cannot understand them...

6) There is no war.

I mean like no armored tanks patrolling the streets, incredible...

5) The beggars give you tissue.

Yes, beggars give you 3 packets of tissue when you give them $1

4) You can drink out of the tap.

Wow, Singaporeans are brave... no waterborne diseases...

3) CPF is awesome

Just like the snake is saving this fish from drowning.

2) People use the toilets.

Unlike some countries, people actually use the toilets... What advanced civilization this must be... People sometimes wash their hands after using the toilet..  Rad!

1) Government is not corrupt.

You only have highly paid ministers who put family members in government linked companies.. No corruption at all. Seriously!

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