Saturday, July 26, 2014

Oh Deer...

Deer in "disguise" comes along and thinks of ways to screw the others.

Deer approaches and tells others he is doing good for them, helping them plan for retirement, etc...

Deer gains trust and others trust deer...

Guess what happens next... (too graphic to show)

-- Iron Bowl.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Glorious Singapore, glorious leaders.

5 Major Facts about Singapore that every Singaporean should understand

After reading this blog, there are some questions in my head.

1) "Population Control A.K.A. “Why are there so many foreigners in Singapore?” No, Singapore is NOT the only country that is facing an immigration issue."

Singapore is the only country in the world with more foreigners than locals.

2) "While the the information cannot be proved to be true, what we can comprehend is very clear."

Singaporeans is not angry with CPF system, but rather how opaque and ever changing it is. With 2.5% interest and more than 5%  inflation, it does not make sense to put your money inside.

3)  "Singapore is an island state that is no more than 42km wide. It is irrational to blame the government for having such a small island to work with. Since we are born into a small country state, maybe it’s time to accept the fact that not everyone can be allowed to own a car."

Yes, Singapore is a small island, used to have 2.5 million people, and the government wants 6.9 million population? With these kinds of policies, paired with inefficient public transportation and "record profits" for state appointed CEOs of "private" transport companies, yes I think there are reasons to complain about the half million - million dollar public housing.

If its condos or private freehold house, there is no complain, it just ridiculous to have expensive housing and call it public housing.

4) "Because honestly, if you are a Singaporean with a good track record of experience, and your foreign rival has no experience at all, any logical HR manager will hire you instead. Before we start jumping to conclusions, we need to take a step back and appreciate that some foreign workers indeed have the necessary years of experience required and have displayed good working habits in order to get the promotion to a managerial role."

Well, there is also NS, RT and many other baggage that comes with a Singaporean employee. Imagine hiring one and he has o leave work at 5pm to do RT (Say 70% of males) Then a foreigner comes along and can be hired for less because of lax immigration policies, and foreigner does not do NS....

5) "Our government has transformed Singapore from 3rd-world kampung island to 1st-world global recognized state in a matter of 40 odd years."

Japan built itself up from WWII to what it is now, and did the ministers get paid millions? The anger is about the decline of public service and increase in cost since 2000. Medical services got more expensive after subsidies, longer waiting periods for poor medical care... please, for some areas, it was better in the 2000s...


The article suddenly awakened the PAP love inside of me, I realize that the 60.1% is so right as the PAP is just keeping it real and the Singapore dream alive.

Being an elite white dog, you can dream of one day earning millions of dollars and calling everyone a peasant. Staying in power and creating policies like 7 million population by 2030 does not seem to have any backlash, and no dogs have to take responsibility for poor planning and "over budgets"

Foreigners are so pro-economy. With Foreigners, you can have interesting photos on the island with so much white faces, making a "Swiss-like" living condition.

With SBS, SMRT monopolizing public transportation, and the people closely linked to LTA, Singapore has the most "efficient" public transportation system. Train breakdowns, fare hikes, traffic jams, all part and parcel of being a first world country. Look at all the cities with traffic jams, Bangkok, such wow and booming economy. Definitely makes things more interesting.

Remember, queuing for food, makes food taste better, waiting for public transportation and squeezing inside just make the ride so much sweeter. Not being able to enter the train is ALWAYS your fault.

We should always pay dogs politicians who are placed there millions and put them as heads of public/private companies. It only make sense -- because all non-scholars -- cannot do well in school (really stupid) and if placed in a top position will cause delays, plan poorly, cannot handle budgets and take responsibility. Giving them high salary allows us to respect these scholars and worship them like gods.

As Singapore is not a welfare country, all poor people should be denied healthcare and just die... 

CPF, even if its the money of the CITIZENS, why should they know what is being done to the money? Clearly, they are too stupid to understand how CPF works because if they cannot count in school to pass the exams, even with a degree or working experience, how can one expect a non-scholar to understand CPF?

This country is filled with stupid Singaporeans who cannot comprehend the complexity of CPF. Keeping this info away from them on how it works or how sovereign wealth is invested is for their own good. We don't want suicide rates to increase right?

In fact, we should burn books, knowledge should only be available for the chosen few. why read? Censorship is the way to go forward. If everyone can just lean back and enjoy the ride, (no, this is not a rape reference) then Singapore can be a more pleasing place.

See, if you work 12 hours days and worship money, you can buy things as we  build more malls and food courts. Don't people know that Uniqlo, Charles and Keith, LV stores and other top brands bring happiness and progress? 

If you don't own a bungalow, perhaps its because of your parents, "gay lifestyle" that cost too much. Stop paying all that money on healthcare and beauty products and complain that you cannot afford to live. Well gays should be banned and they are destroying the "family fabric" in Singapore, and they are the primary cause of divorce... Yes, when your spouse gets affected by the Gay virus and becomes gay and divorce you, it will be too late as we need more babies.

Maybe we should send ALL Singaporeans overseas to let them appreciate Singapore more. Give them wads of cash as well to spend there. Nothing beats the feeling of being rich in front of poor people. Imagine your feeling when you can buy meals and show the poor what you are capable of buying and then throwing it all away and destroying the food. Perhaps that will motivate them not to be so lazy and poor. People in third world countries complain too much. If they put the same efforts into working, perhaps they will not be so poor.

Increasing rents is definitely OK. Increasing salaries, NO!!!! Do you mean these assholes who don't go to school and get a PhD deserve to work a single job and make enough money to live on? NEVER. If I have to work hard and compete to get to where I am, everyone else should fail. 

For this is the Singapore way.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Penguin Love (Banned)


Harry (male) is the leader of the Penguins, having framed the other potential leader as a killer, the zoo keepers sent his threat away, Harry's rule was uncontested.

Pepper (male) is very supportive of Harry, and did all the dirty work for Harry. When no one is looking Pepper even satisfied all of Harry's needs, and every orifice was polished and cleaned. Those were such guilty pleasures and both of them enjoyed themselves.

Harry being the leader, often abused his power, sending those who challenged him away and sometime locking them up. Together with Pepper, they nursed an egg together, and their love for each other was strong. Nothing could keep them apart.

Years later, the young penguins wanted more freedom, and it is not as easy to control messaging due to social media. There are a lot of negative talk about male love, and a large group of cross penguins who became majority are opposed to male love because their leader Kong says that it destroys the family unit and its unnatural.

It was a hard choice that Harry had to make, and to retain dominance on the other penguins, he has to forcefully reject his partner and pick Linda, a girl penguin which is more accepted by Kong.

All the penguins suffer as Harry was never happy, and Harry decided to take everything the other penguins love, and 1/3 of all their fishes, and return to them small chunks when they retire at an old age. When the penguins did not reproduce fast enough, Harry believed in policies to bring in outside penguins to live and help restore the small community.

Harry in his final days inscribed a story about his life on a wall in the ice room . "The hard truths" was the name of the story, and he still thinks of his forbidden and only true love, Pepper.

"I did not live a life without regrets" were the last words that came out of his mouth when he finally passed away.

Here is the potential Trailer

Sunday, July 06, 2014

What is wrong with schools in Singapore today?

I went to take a walk outside this Primary school and found a few empty wrappers of condoms and in the bushes across the road, used tissue paper, underwears and used condoms.

This observation just made me sick, hopefully, its not involving the kids in this school.

-- Ironbowl