Thursday, July 10, 2014

Penguin Love (Banned)


Harry (male) is the leader of the Penguins, having framed the other potential leader as a killer, the zoo keepers sent his threat away, Harry's rule was uncontested.

Pepper (male) is very supportive of Harry, and did all the dirty work for Harry. When no one is looking Pepper even satisfied all of Harry's needs, and every orifice was polished and cleaned. Those were such guilty pleasures and both of them enjoyed themselves.

Harry being the leader, often abused his power, sending those who challenged him away and sometime locking them up. Together with Pepper, they nursed an egg together, and their love for each other was strong. Nothing could keep them apart.

Years later, the young penguins wanted more freedom, and it is not as easy to control messaging due to social media. There are a lot of negative talk about male love, and a large group of cross penguins who became majority are opposed to male love because their leader Kong says that it destroys the family unit and its unnatural.

It was a hard choice that Harry had to make, and to retain dominance on the other penguins, he has to forcefully reject his partner and pick Linda, a girl penguin which is more accepted by Kong.

All the penguins suffer as Harry was never happy, and Harry decided to take everything the other penguins love, and 1/3 of all their fishes, and return to them small chunks when they retire at an old age. When the penguins did not reproduce fast enough, Harry believed in policies to bring in outside penguins to live and help restore the small community.

Harry in his final days inscribed a story about his life on a wall in the ice room . "The hard truths" was the name of the story, and he still thinks of his forbidden and only true love, Pepper.

"I did not live a life without regrets" were the last words that came out of his mouth when he finally passed away.

Here is the potential Trailer

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