Monday, September 29, 2014

YMCA fiasco.

Suddenly, everyone is out to condemn HHH and Roy for "Disrupting" a YMCA event. There are articles calling them names, a petition to revoke HHH's citizenship, another article talking about Anarchists.

I'm not there and I've heard that the MC on the stage started engaging with the crowds before the performance and the crowd reacted and when the kids with "special needs" performed, the video was captured and there was an outrage.

There are a few things I don't get. I don't think Anarchists apply for permits to hold protests in small areas. There was a process, process was followed and when these activists got riled up and responded, it was seen as distasteful.

If I was on the stage performing, and people are shouting "Return my CPF" I'd be pissed, but I'd not feel threatened, just saying.

Roy and HHH are probably young and immature, they probably do not have much PR training, and I do feel that HHH has an annoying voice and Roy may look aggressive at times. If I were a matured activist with support, I would do the following.

1) State your side of the case in a video perhaps, narrate what happened keeping it brief, and only pointing out facts for that incident
2) Apologize to YMCA and the kids, even if the chants are not directed to them, it disrupted their performance, (unlike selfies, selfies don't disrupt)
3) Show with irrevocable proof about the application process for the event, what it was for, and what happened before the event.
4) Apologize to the participants who attended the event for the disruption, and the failure to carry out the agenda due to the disruption.

People make mistakes, NParks make mistakes, and if feelings are hurt, find ways to make up.

For people calling for HHH's citizenship to be revoked, will you sign the petition to get Yang Yin's PR to be revoked or the petition to investigate the process of getting a PR or the accountability of an MP to support a cheat to get his PR because he is a grassroots volunteer?

But EVERYTHING is so trivial compared to what is happening in Hong Kong, so please think, how does this affect you?

Lets pray for the situation in Hong Kong to get better.

-- Ironbowl

Friday, September 05, 2014

FACT: Passive aggressive bitches will be pwned (often by ASSHOLES who ignore them)

Perhaps Singaporeans like to be screwed over, and over, and over -- so they have a chance to complain. By trying to look around for passive aggressive behaviors, I found several in the morning.

1) A few old Singaporean folks complaining that traffic lights take too long. I walk over to the traffic light, press the crossing button, and within a few seconds, the traffic lights for the pedestrian turned green.

2) At Toa Payoh bus interchange, a domestic worker was on the phone and did not pay attention to the bus driver waving at her to follow her. As she was the first person in the queue, EVERYONE ELSE IN LINE, started grumbling and complaining while she was blissfully chatting on her phone. Then there was a lot of swearing and cursing going on as she blocked everyone behind her and finally, someone pushed her aside and walked to the bus waiting for everyone.

3) At Bugis Village, a PRC family with their 2 year old daughter walked into the crowd (in the shade) with an open umbrella. The parents did not really care and they did create a pedestrian jam. A lot of Singaporean aunties decided to complain behind the family, and everything stopped when a motorized wheelchair in the opposite direction decide to stop and block the family.

When the crowd became impatient seconds later, people started pushing and the PRC family became aggressive and started shouting back. Before anything escalated further, the lady from the $1 fruit juice stall walked over and was louder than the PRC family and told the kid to close the umbrella and the family not to block traffic and step aside for the wheel chair to pass.

Within the Span of 3 hours, I can witness many stupid passive aggressive Singaporean bitches that will complain and not take action. Is this how the nation progressed in the 49 years? Lack of empowerment paralyzed average citizens not to take action and having that "Lan Lan" mindset and accepting things are "like that lor"

Bitches Please, if you see something wrong, please right it. Most of the time, it takes less effort than complaining. Yes, I'm talking to the Passive Aggressive Bitches in Singapore. STOP YOUR BITCHING.

-- Iron Bowl