Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rat infestations in Bukit Batok

Whenever you complain about a problem to the town council, they will ignore it until the problem scales up to an epic level.

Instead of solving the problem in when it is developing, Town Councils like to wait till the problem is so bad that they need to spend a lot of money.

In the case of Bukit Batok, AVA, HDB and NEA jointly blamed the residents for feeding stray dogs.
I guess it is really their fault for voting their MP in. Pushing blame is what they do best.

If it was an opposition ward, the media would have covered it long ago and the rat problem solved with a standard so high that cameras will be placed in rat holes to monitor the rats to dig dirt on the opposition.

And most of all, you will not be blame for problems.

-- Iron Bowl.


Gary said...

Surely, the point is if the TC and MPs thought that the feeding of strays is the problem why didn't they act so and say so earlier until someone posted a video clip on the internet!?

In my books, this is just a lame and flimsy excuse; an inadequate FIG LEAF to cover up their own shame!

So when did the TC first brought it up to the NEA? And when did NEA push it back to the HDB?

As they say, the time will tell! lol

Iron Bowl said...

Sad that government never acts until the problems explodes.