Monday, March 09, 2015

Green Wall... So yesterday.

Once hailed as a great invention, the HYGROWALL or Green Wall where plants can grow on a vertical surface was largely marketed and installed.

As seen in the photo above, the Green Wall was just installed in 2013 and looks pleasant. The Government promoted it everywhere.

A lot of promotion and support was given to the Green Wall, however, I've tried with some of the plants and setup my own version of the Green Wall, and I've often face with dead plants.

I've spoken to some people at Hort Park, and they even informed me that there is 18m high Green Wall at 118 Killiney Road Condominium. Singapore condos get Guinness World Record for biggest green wall, and many companies started research and development on improving the Green Wall.

I was doing some tests and I wanted to find a purpose for this Green Wall (like growing vegetables or other edible plants) but many plants just can't grow sideways. When I looked at my control plants, they died too after a few months.

The system needed much maintenance, it needed piping for water and power. It does cost quite a bit of money, and overall, besides being "Green in color", I do not feel that it is much green at all.

So going by some of these places with Green Walls installed, I realized that most of them that had plants constantly replaced when the plants died, were now bare, and all it took was 2 years.

Great job / Great innovation / Great Recommendation.

-- Ironbowl

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