Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mourn Fatigue #Singapore

LKY was a great man, he achieved much with his greatness. These few days of 24/7 coverage on everything LKY is getting a little unbearable as there is so much repeats and loop covering his funeral and all things great about the man.

3 Days of mourning is what I can take as the media coverage seems to be very one sided, not acknowledging other founding fathers of Singapore, claiming all the success of Singapore to just one man.

I respected the man for the things he has done and the civil liberties he has taken away. I do not agree with many of the things he has done, and the choices he has made, but I do believe everything he has done was for Singapore.

For much progress made from 1965 - 1990s, I thank you sir for your great conviction on getting things done.


Well this is also a good time to hide in a corner, away from TV, media and everything because the constant glorifying of the man is a little too much to handle for me.

I feel that this is actually a time for change. Singapore has progressed so far, and built up so much reserves, but many principles which the country is built on needs to change.

I confess that Singapore is very much a nanny state. Censorship is rampant and people are not at liberty to discuss many things in public. The university -- a place to nurture critical thinking -- cannot hold anything form of political activism, and students cannot even demonstrate in campus about the things they believe in dearly.

With China opening up their economy, their media and society, China has progressed much. In the past, our forefathers came together and built the National Libraries and the communities seemed to be much more connected. There seems to be too much competition to be #1 in Singapore today, and society is fragmented.

The top down approach of solving problems, paying top dollars for consultants and ministers does not seem to work. The scholarship system also creates an elitist society which a small pool of ruling elites paid highly and so disconnected with the ground as they get feedback from a few layers of middlemen which filters out the bad.

I feel that SG50 is a good turning point where Singapore needs to learn to let go. Let go of total authoritarian control and embrace the fact that today, the average Singaporean is much more educated than 50 years ago. We are able to solve problems together if we are enabled to do so.

We do not need high paying ministers to speak and think for us. PAP does not need to control PA, NTUC and other government linked companies, and we should be more lax on censorship and allow dialects and various movies and programs to come to our countries.

Singapore is not a religious society, and outdated laws should be slowly phased out and people should be treated more humanely. Economic success is important, but GDP should not be the only measure we should focus on.

Social safety nets should not be seen as taboo and even when people should be responsible for their own health and finances, there will always be circumstances which make people fall off the track and there should be ways for them to climb back up.

Singapore is a small countries, and we share the same aging population and income gap problem as many countries, and having an inclusive system which eliminates poverty in Singapore is something that can be a model for the world to see and learn from us as well.


Mr Lee has built Singapore up , and we should not be afraid to take the lead and rebuild the fragmented communities. Moving forward, perhaps we can move in another direction that is more inclusive, allowing more human rights and civil liberties.

-- Iron Bowl

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