Sunday, April 19, 2015

Check the empty units in Vacant Hi-end properties for Dengue NEA!

I've owned many properties before, and I would say, empty properties do breed lots of mosquitoes. From the toilet bowl, to the sinks, modern U-shaped drain pipes are everywhere in your house. Used as a seal to prevent foul smell from coming to the toilet, it holds water in dark and damp areas of the house, making it suitable for mosquito breeding.

Today, many houses, high-end apartments are empty in Singapore because too many speculators who have bought them (for speculation, duh) cannot rent them out due to the bad economy. And many of these apartments and houses have lots of toilets.

I've been to a house today which was unused for 2 weeks and there was already a swarm of mosquitoes in the house.

I'm sure NEA will tell you the house that you live in now is breeding mosquitoes because you have plants and your flowers are breeding mosquitoes, but are they actually checking on the empty expensive units that people cannot afford to rent?

Is it because expensive homes do not breed mosquitoes? I serious hope they do.

-- Iron Bowl

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