Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bad Service from Malaysian Airlines

I recently took a MAS flight to Nepal from Singapore and my luggage did not arrive.

Firstly, the last luggage took more than 1 hour to come out. Next, the Malaysian Airlines staff in Nepal are not very helpful and it took a long time before they decided that the luggage did not arrive. There were no systems or anything to check whether the luggage was lost or simply delayed.

They informed me that there was a late night flight which may come with my luggage and they will call if it arrives.

I did not receive a call and no one answered the phone when I call the numbers they gave me. And on the next day, I finally managed to get someone on the other side and they informed me that my luggage did arrive. As I was outside, I did not carry the form with me and ask if the luggage could be delivered to my hotel 1km away from the airport but they refused.

When I arrived at the airport to collect the luggage, I saw my luggage and was not allowed to collect it without my form, even though I had my air ticket stubs and my passport. The hotel was not far luckily and I had to go all the way back to the airport again to collect my luggage and the staff did not even check the luggage tab and simply let me take the luggage after giving him the form.

There was no apology or any form of guilt and it feels like losing luggage was to be expected.

After the multiple crashes of Malaysia Airlines last year, I wanted to give MAS a try, but was turned off by the poor service.

I would strongly advice anyone to consider other airlines as MAS feels like an airlines winding down, with low staff morale and poor service.

-- Robin Low

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