Saturday, July 11, 2015

10 things you do which dogs hate.

This is an observation that apply to most dogs, but some may be exception.

1) Not providing structure and rules

Dogs want, need, and love having rules. You might think having strict rules makes life boring or unhappy for your dog. But dogs really want to know what’s what according to their leader. Rules make life a lot more predictable, a lot less confusing and a lot less stressful.

Dogs thrive when they know where the boundaries are, and when you spend time enforcing consistent boundaries with positive rewards, you also are building up their trust in you as a leader. You’re setting up conditions for a very happy dog.

2) Keeping a tight leash, literally

Just as dogs are amazing at reading our body language, they’re amazing at reading our tension levels even through the leash. By keeping a tight leash on a dog, you’re raising the level of stress, frustration, and excitement for your dog, and conversely, for you.

A dog that walks on a tight leash is more apt to bark or be reactive in even the most mild of social situations. But a dog that can walk on a slack leash is more likely to be calm.This is not easy to master, but it is worth it.

3) Using words more than pictures

Dogs don't really read, and they like to judge things by the title or how it looks. They will automatically be annoyed at something even before reading by just the title. Especially if it something bad about their masters.

4) Invited to an event where the public is allowed to join

Just like so many other social species, dogs have their favorite friends and their enemies. It is easy to see what other dogs — and people, for that matter — that a dog wants to hang out with and those with whom she’d rather not associate. Yet, there are a lot of dog owners who go into denial about this or simply fail to read the cues their dog is giving them.

They like closed door events which public money is spent on small group of dogs so they can feel special. Having to squeeze with the public, even when public funds are used is frowned upon and will cause unnecessary barking.

5) Teasing

This should be obvious, and we won't spend too much time on it. But it's worth pointing out because too many people still think it’s funny. Don't bark at a dog as you pass it on the street. Don't wave or talk to a dog that is barking at you from behind a window or door. Don't pull on a dog's tail. The list can go on and on, but in short, don't do something you know makes a dog mad just because you think it's funny.

Calling them names will piss them off, even when it is true.

6) Being Tense

Tension on the leash isn’t the only way a dog can pick up how you’re feeling. You can tell when a person you’re around is feeling tense, even if you don’t realize it. Dogs have the same ability. The more stressed and wound-up you are, the more stressed and wound-up your dog is.

Simply it means that when shit happens and the master is to blame, they will be defensive to show support. If you are stressed out because of fuck-ups you have caused, your dogs will also be stressed out as they will try to share your stress with you.

7) Bad News about their Masters

Dogs are prideful animals. They like to be associated with their leaders and bathe in the glory. Somehow, serving a high profile master doing the right things is glorifying themselves. Conversely, dogs also loathe bad news about their masters.

Luckily, in many countries which have controlled media, these bad news can easily be hidden away and discarded as noise. So their masters do not really need to know what is really going on or how people hate their masters.

8) Other People's Ideas

Its not about good ideas or change, its just other people's ideas. Acknowledging that there can be a possibility of good ideas from outside is admitting that one may not be as all knowing as they should be. As their masters are often paid with extremely high salaries, showing that someone earning a percentile of that salary can come out with good or worse -- better ideas than their masters will cause their world to crumble down.

9) Taking Responsibility

Dogs follow orders. That is a fact. How can they be wrong? However, as their masters are the smartest people of the land, how can anything go wrong? Luckily, it is in their DNA to blame others, or simply keep quiet.

When multiple failures occur which there seem no one else to blame, keeping quiet is the best strategy. Otherwise, come out with something else interested to distract others, that works most of the times too.

10) Think about the REAL problems

Dogs like so subscribe to the mindset of NIMBY (Not in my backyard). If something happens, as long as it does not affect them or near them, they do not need to bother about it. Poverty, joblessness, homelessness -- Not where I live, its managed well.

Prostitution in Woodlands - (phew) I don't live there. Workers Dormitory in Serangoon Gardens - as long as its not near where I live. Rape / Murders - I don't see it, nobody I know is affected, not my problem.

They think the bad branding of Singapore from the poor handling of high profile cases does not affect them, and hope that it will go away. And even the fact that most foreign media agree with how the unfair law violates human rights, they will still be by the side of their masters.


It is actually not too hard to please your dog. Give them treats from time to time, pay attention to their needs and give them an impression that they have preferential treatment for most policies, they will remain loyal to you.

All they want is a forever home, and if it is possible to provide more laws and rules as guidelines for them to follow to reduce ambiguity and restrict media to reduce stress for them, all will be good.

-- Iron Bowl

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