Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Fear of not Voting for PAP

Your Vote is important, the future of the country lies on your vote.

This is an article on how the votes are counted in the polls, so please read it.

There may be much fear or anger with a certain party. This is a common thing. on social media, there are lots of angry people out there. Make sure you vote wisely during polling day as every vote count and a spoiled vote or a wrongly marked vote supports who you dislike.


What I'm concerned about is the perception of the PAP as a vengeful, all knowing entity. Many Government employees could even relate rumors of some people who had their career destroyed for voting in favor of the Opposition.

What is worse is people who are applying for HDB flats, getting government subsidies, getting grants from the government when running their businesses are afraid of voting for the opposition. Rumours like these have been passed around for so long, it achieved urban myth status; where everyone has heard of them but no one has been able to prove that it exists.

This feels like you are in an abusive environment where you have no choice in a democratic country to choose who you vote for. My big question is, why live in fear and continue to vote for PAP because of fear?

Stop living in fear, vote for who can represent you in parliament.

-- Iron Bowl

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