Thursday, September 24, 2015

Disaster Preparedness - Singapore

There are many ways to predict the haze. By looking at hotspots burning in Indonesia, the wind direction and the amount of smoke produced in Indonesia which is miles away, etc.

Can this be a disaster?

-- Of course.

Riau Islands, once the land with a lot of biodiversity is losing the forest at an amazing pace to loggers, turning beautiful rain forest into a baking hellhole. After selling the trees to loggers, vast tracts of land are cleared using illegal slash-and-burn methods to make way for plantations.

Haze was not much of a problem before, but due to corrupt officials in Indonesia, Greedy companies in South East Asia, it becomes a common problem which occurs yearly.

We are losing plants and animals forever, and seeing bad air every year. Prolonged Haze can cause respiratory problems. This will cost the country a loss in productivity. Businesses which are outdoors or not protected by the weather will also suffer a loss of wages.

Last week when the Haze persisted at the 200 PSI range, Malaysia canceled schools, but it seemed like in Singapore, the officials simply would like to just take the moderate approach, perhaps a 3 hour average or 24 hour average, and by the time, the air is really bad (unless it is bad for 3 hours) then they may start to act.

How prepared is Singapore when you cannot even find n95 Masks for kids?

-- Ironbowl