Tuesday, March 22, 2016

SG100 is about LKY?

I was invited to a SG100 event, talking about building a future of Singapore, nurturing young generation and moving forward, but when I spoke to some of the young organizers, immediately I was confused as they shout slogans like "I love LKY", "I miss LKY" like they were suffering from Tourettes syndrome.

When they showed trailer of 1965, and talked about how 1 man built a nation, I realized that there was something wrong about the event. There was also Singapore songs, Baey Yam Keng, Jack Neo, and it does feel like a Pro-Singapore event that somehow turned Pro-LKY...

The food served was indeed expensive.. Sharks Fin, Abalone, Tiger Prawns... And quality was not bad, but I wondered about the intentions of this "foundation" which was a LLP and hysterical members who chanted about LKY.

If I was not from Singapore, I would have thought that there was some kind of extremist religious convention going on.

I do respect LKY. He was a man with conviction and used ISA to wrongfully detain the co-founder of PAP and the rest was history to be rewritten, and young generation are still calling his name after his death -- with fervor.

Wonder if some group of people will be benefiting from using his name...

-- Ironbowl

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