Saturday, April 30, 2016

Still no access to Handicapped lots.

I feel that the town council in many estates is out to make money and not serve the people. When you call them "lazy" as nothing is done to rectify the lack of accessibility after constructing the "barrier parking", the town council started visiting flat to flat to tell you about the clutter inside and outside your HDB flat, and ask you to remove a shoe rack outside the flat.

I don't even understand why they need to increase barriers at the multi storey carpark?

There was a slope for handicapped people, and 2 handicapped lots at the ground floor of car park. but after they built the "barrier parking", all the slopes around the HDB flats are removed, and as an able-bodied person pushing a cart or dragging a luggage, I find it hard to clear some of these very high kerbs.

I must think it would be very hard to access these carparks which I've never seen any handicapped person use -- EVER -- in the 15 years or so I've been there. Now, its IMPOSSIBLE to use them as there are no slopes and the barrier is in the way.

I do feel disappointed when town councils and public service creates more barriers and problems than help, and your tax dollars pay for their existence. I do hope they can exercise thoughts, but it seems like most of them just follow orders and procedures from someone who has never been on the ground.

Besides election time, I've never seen any MPs walk the ground, and when I talk to RC people or Town Council people about the accessibility issues, I NEVER get a respond.

-- Robin

Monday, April 11, 2016

The unnecessary construction

There are constant construction going on everywhere in Singapore. In Toa Payoh, they sealed up the drain outside the library opposite Blk 79, create a wide walkway. It did not really do much at all, and there are more construction done every year which does not seem to add much.

In the past year, all the car parks have gone to electronic parking. I do support electronic parking in principle, but when implemented, it seems to cause much traffic jams as either the sensors are not sensitive enough, or connection is bad. During peak hours, this adds to traffic jams when cars are stuck trying to get into the car park and blocked by the barriers.

What's worse is that with the electronic parking, it comes "barriers". To prevent motorcycle and scooters to escape through the barriers without parking, all the slopes at the pavement are blocked. Yes, in order to make more revenue by prevent the few from parking illegally, handicapped people and people using carts to deliver goods have barriers that prevent them from travelling efficiently.

Usually, after much complains, there are more construction again to create more slopes, but the new routes are often far and not well planned.

Looking around Singapore. I realize that unnecessary construction happen everywhere. Terminal 4, 5, project Jewel, the new parks opposite Istana, and the old rail corridor is getting rebuilt to be a "green corridor". The one thing I don't understand Singaporeans is that they want "Nature" but they want nice walkways, toilets and lighting? Perhaps vending machines and food courts too?

I am getting annoyed at the Grassroots system where few "volunteers" consisting of contractors and people working in government linked companies hoping to rub shoulders with the "who's who" and hope for promotion. Many with motives join the system (and in senior position too) and it makes many other volunteers feel uncomfortable as everything that they do is for their benefit. (not really benefiting others in the community.)

I've always said that unnecessary construction is a sign of cronnyism, and I've seen this in Taiwan, Hong Kong, where the public gets mad when they find out, but in Singapore, media is so controlled and people seem very obedient.

-- Ironbowl

Sunday, April 03, 2016

6 must do things when you want to do good.

Steps on how to do good.

1) Have an Instagram account.

You need to let everyone know that you are volunteering and which celebrities you have met as you are doing good. This is utmost important as the digital world say, NPNT (No Photo, No Talk)

2) Fundraise with friends.

When you do it alone, it may seem boring, so why not do it with friends? When all of you are having fun raising funds, and if someone asks, "What are we raising funds for? Or What will the funds be used for?" Simply ignore them and call them names, because they do not stick with the program.

Don't worry, Charities know what they are doing and your friend who question doesn't.

3) Fashion First

Even when you volunteer, remember, wardrobe malfunction can destroy your reputation. Even when you are off to the field to volunteer to visit an orphanage or to build a school, high heels, and a pretty dress is a must. For guys, a sport suit jacket will show that you mean business.

There are always photographers and camera everywhere, and you do not want to be caught in an unglamorous pose.

On the field, take lots of photos and post it up on Instagram... Pretend to work hard.

4) Take pity on people

"Awwww... poor thing, the Tsunami killed your family."
"It is so sad that you have a job but unable to support yourself... "Here's $2"
"Here $1 for the tissues I don't need. So sad you are blind... be grateful for people like me... Praise the lord."

5) Blame others for their misfortune

"Why did you take such risks?"
"Who ask you not to go to school?"
"Why don't you just go GET A JOB?"

Ask people rhetorical questions.. That is a sure way to motivate them to earn more. Seriously...

6) Start Judging others.

Now that you have done something, you earn the right to judge others. Ask Questions like

"Why did you share the Brussels Bombing but not Lahore?"
"Why did you change your profile pic after the Paris attacks but not after the bombings in Baghdad?"

"All Lives Matter... Not just Black people..."

-- Ironbowl