Sunday, April 03, 2016

6 must do things when you want to do good.

Steps on how to do good.

1) Have an Instagram account.

You need to let everyone know that you are volunteering and which celebrities you have met as you are doing good. This is utmost important as the digital world say, NPNT (No Photo, No Talk)

2) Fundraise with friends.

When you do it alone, it may seem boring, so why not do it with friends? When all of you are having fun raising funds, and if someone asks, "What are we raising funds for? Or What will the funds be used for?" Simply ignore them and call them names, because they do not stick with the program.

Don't worry, Charities know what they are doing and your friend who question doesn't.

3) Fashion First

Even when you volunteer, remember, wardrobe malfunction can destroy your reputation. Even when you are off to the field to volunteer to visit an orphanage or to build a school, high heels, and a pretty dress is a must. For guys, a sport suit jacket will show that you mean business.

There are always photographers and camera everywhere, and you do not want to be caught in an unglamorous pose.

On the field, take lots of photos and post it up on Instagram... Pretend to work hard.

4) Take pity on people

"Awwww... poor thing, the Tsunami killed your family."
"It is so sad that you have a job but unable to support yourself... "Here's $2"
"Here $1 for the tissues I don't need. So sad you are blind... be grateful for people like me... Praise the lord."

5) Blame others for their misfortune

"Why did you take such risks?"
"Who ask you not to go to school?"
"Why don't you just go GET A JOB?"

Ask people rhetorical questions.. That is a sure way to motivate them to earn more. Seriously...

6) Start Judging others.

Now that you have done something, you earn the right to judge others. Ask Questions like

"Why did you share the Brussels Bombing but not Lahore?"
"Why did you change your profile pic after the Paris attacks but not after the bombings in Baghdad?"

"All Lives Matter... Not just Black people..."

-- Ironbowl

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