Saturday, April 30, 2016

Still no access to Handicapped lots.

I feel that the town council in many estates is out to make money and not serve the people. When you call them "lazy" as nothing is done to rectify the lack of accessibility after constructing the "barrier parking", the town council started visiting flat to flat to tell you about the clutter inside and outside your HDB flat, and ask you to remove a shoe rack outside the flat.

I don't even understand why they need to increase barriers at the multi storey carpark?

There was a slope for handicapped people, and 2 handicapped lots at the ground floor of car park. but after they built the "barrier parking", all the slopes around the HDB flats are removed, and as an able-bodied person pushing a cart or dragging a luggage, I find it hard to clear some of these very high kerbs.

I must think it would be very hard to access these carparks which I've never seen any handicapped person use -- EVER -- in the 15 years or so I've been there. Now, its IMPOSSIBLE to use them as there are no slopes and the barrier is in the way.

I do feel disappointed when town councils and public service creates more barriers and problems than help, and your tax dollars pay for their existence. I do hope they can exercise thoughts, but it seems like most of them just follow orders and procedures from someone who has never been on the ground.

Besides election time, I've never seen any MPs walk the ground, and when I talk to RC people or Town Council people about the accessibility issues, I NEVER get a respond.

-- Robin

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