Friday, May 13, 2016

Stop Your Voluntourism - Singapore

Many students in Singapore like to go overseas for the "CIP" Community Involvement Projects, which is compulsory for them, and they need to clock in hours. When you force people to do things, many of them are either resentful or they simply do not care.

From an undisclosed source, Singapore Students visited Nepal and help raise funds to "build a school" It might be a noble gesture, but most schools in Nepal have been rebuilt with Bamboo and Tarpaulin, it may look temporary, but it works.

I don't understand why people think that construction is a "unskilled job". Just because Singapore companies import cheap labor in construction, it does not mean they are not trained. Simply getting school children to build a school after they watch a Youtube video is not enough.

Similar to this school as pictured, student volunteers actually built schools. They stack bricks and made cement. Yay...

However, unskilled construction in a country that was just struck by an earthquake -- IS A BAD IDEA. The brick walls are built without any supports, columns or foundations. Mixing concrete is also not so easy. Getting the cement mix to be of the right consistency, adding the right amount of sand, it all varies with the quality of sand / cement used and using the right amount of water matters.

If you think you are helping by building a school with unskilled Youths, I need to inform you that a building actually did collapse. Your voluntourism actually harmed people.

This school shown in the photos is actually done by unskilled, cheap contractors, and it is not stable. If you don't know anything about civil engineering, please don't "help kill more kids" when the next earthquake happens.  Earthquake destroyed the original school before, and it will happen again. Please don't risk the lives of others and waste funds doing thing which are not critical. Nepal does not need your crappy schools.

-- Ironbowl.