Sunday, June 26, 2016

Homophobic Country? Singapore

I have put on a rainbow flag on my motorcycle, showing solidarity and support for the marginalized people in Singapore -- Yes the much bullied LGBT community.

I would have thought that most Singaporeans will not know what a rainbow flag would mean, however, an early morning at East Coast, I got called names, "Faggot, Homo, Molester"

This is so shocking to me, to a point that I dare not leave the flag on my motorcycle, in fear of people vandalizing it. Later, I parked at Marine Parade to go for breakfast, and people who are above 40 years old, (Not teenagers) giving me the evil eye, and again, heard homophobic slurs thrown at me.

I don't really see why must people HATE the rainbow flag. I mean what I put on my motorcycle is my business. I don't understand why are people threatened by "Equal Rights" for Gays? They are not taking rights away from people, they are not making others gay? They are not calling people names like "Faggot!"

So if there are equal rights, does it mean the bigots who hide behind their religion cannot get away with hating and bullying gay people anymore? Is that why there is so much hate?

I left the flag out at the parking lot on the motorcycle. Thinking that I should not fear, I am not gay, but I do support gay rights, what are people going to do?

At the end of the day, I found the flag on the ground, with the shaft of the flag separated. I really do feel violated. I can't even imagine how a gay person in Singapore must have felt, if they were openly gay, and probably would live their whole life -- as a lie.

-- Iron Bowl

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