Monday, September 05, 2016

What Pokemon Go Teach you about Singaporeans

Singaporeans have been conditioned by the government to follow certain norms. And because of the controlled media, it is sometimes hard to find out what exactly is wrong as the government run media companies don't really report objectively.

What the government describe as "Kiasu" mentality, where the youths are stressed and most of them spend much time on tuition and extra classes to get better grades to a point that Singapore probably has the highest suicide rates for young people.

I don't think "Kiasu" is even a good thing. No matter how you spin it, Kiasu people who do not take risks are simply replaceable by robots.

Sadly, it is not only the "Kiasu" mentality, many of these Kiasu people are also very hateful inside. Its is not about winning and succeeding, it is also about others failing.

I've been to popular areas where there are rare pokemons, and you do find a lot of Singaporean. What seems to be only a game, you get hordes of people following the crowds to get rare pokemons. In many other countries, you do get helpful people teaching others about the game and building communities, but in Singapore, you may not even get much response when you ask people in the crowd "Hey, why are you running that way?"

I've encountered situations where people block the bridge at Marina Bay Sands, even after they caught the Dragonite. They just stand there and not move, and with enough of them, many others cannot come close enough to catch the Dragonite.

In many other cases, some idiots will think it funny to go in a crowd and shout "Snorlax" and begin running in a direction, hopefully, tricking others to join in. While creating a stampede, they stand back and watch people confused and searching for the imaginary Snorlax.

There is also an app on a webpage which allows people to put in Pokemon Sightings, and you get a lot of fake posts of rare pokemons on the site.

Is this the kind of uglyness you want to portray? Is this what you get from 51 years of brainwashing?

When you show a high CP pokemon a forum or the Facebook group, you get people calling you a cheater. Some even report the account to Niantic...

So when you see others succeeding, is it Singaporean to be jealous and hateful that they succeeded?

Of course there are many that spoof their accounts and cheat to get rare pokemon just to show it online and brag, but who cares if they cheat like Singapore bringing in Foreign Talents to compete in Olympics. Even if they win, nobody cares.

Come on guys, Pokemon Go is just a game, it gets you walking outside and you get to meet others. Please say hi, and share tips. Congratulate others on their rare pokemons, form groups to fight in Gyms.

Go meet new people and travel to various parks and gardens to be close to nature. Don't be jealous, and don't put others down.

By the way, I have no sympathy for the guy who will eventually be stomped on by the mob by shouting Snowlax in a crowded area.