Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tan Cheng Blocked

Tan Cheng Blocked is a good masterball player. Although he may not be good in defense or at shooting, what makes him standout is his ball handling skills. Being drafted into the strongest team OWNED BY the league owners, Cheng Blocked played well and had a great career.

After retiring for a few years, Cheng Blocked started playing in the eliteball league, however, this time he found that he was not the player supported by the league owners and the game was much harder to play. When he got elbowed, shoved or even grabbed, the referee which would usually call foul during the masterball game seemed to ignore these infractions. Being an independent with friends who know the league owners has its advantages, and soon, Cheng Blocked was doing very well and had a great game. Skills which he previously did not need were honed, and Cheng Blocked could shoot and defend as well.

Many of the rules of the game was changed, and Cheng Blocked luckily still had the credentials to continue to play despite the court and the goalpost shifts. There were several other players who were pretty good as well.

The finals came. Cheng Blocked was in good form. He drove hard and managed to play very well, but in the last moment, he shoots and was blocked by the star player from the league owners. Cheng Blocked felt that he was fouled, but being not the appointed candidate, he gathered himself and decided to try again next time.

Before the season rolled around again, Cheng Blocked trained hard and focused more on his skills which he needed to develop. Cheng Blocked was very determined and trained with members from the other teams to practice.

However, the league owners decided that Cheng Blocked may in fact win this time and they changed the rules of the league. Cheng Blocked had a hard foul, the fans were outraged with bad calls by the referee. Cheng Blocked challenged the referee and requested a video review, however, the owners of the league changed the rules again.

This leaves Tan Cheng Blocked no choice. It is their game, in their league, where they write and change their rules. After the game, the rules have changed again, and now Cheng Blocked cannot play because the owners made a new rule which says so. "Let others have a chance."

Isn't the Eliteball World Cup open to get the best players? Why exclude some players? How would this be a World Cup then? The fans have questions but it seemed that the owners of the league does not care. The fans complained, "Why not let the best player in the league play. He almost won last season, and worked hard to be the best..." however the owners of the league decided to limit the players for a "better experience"

"Who are you to decide on what is the best experience?" A fan asked.

"We created the game, and we know what is best for you." The owners replied.


To spruce up the game, the owners changed the whole pitch. They wanted to get a contractor for the job, to appease the shareholders, one of the staff members working for the owners quit, so that she can take the contract.

She does not have any experience in renovations but still she was the preferred contractor. But to try to look above board, the owners looked for 2 other contractors to give quotes and as expected, a few weeks later when the contract is given out, the other contractors with years of experience did not qualify because of some new rules set, allowing her to win the contract.

-- Much fiction... such wow...

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