Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Train Crash when FINTECH Convention is happening (God is sending a Signal)

Train breakdown everyday. Yet fares increase and no one from upper management or the government seems to want to take responsibility.

LHL call for cashless smart nation, and when the FINTECH Festival is going on, the MRT Train crashes.

There were many delays today, and SMRT had very poor communications on what happened, still trying to plan how to cover up and push blame?

At least 3 train breakdowns, and not much of a squeak from them besides. "Train made contact..." Ya, with 26+ injured, some with fractures and dislocations?

Why pay people so high if they are incompetent and do not take responsibility? Isn't SMRT not a public company, why is it run like one, but CEO paid unusually high...

Lets wait for cashless smart nation, and by then, the new president may speak up or something.

-- Iron Bowl

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