Thursday, March 15, 2018

Competitive Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, a kids game is played by many old people in Singapore.

Like many things in Singapore, you get lots of players who seem to be playing the game to "WIN" whatever that is.

There are also many tips and tricks that everyone use.

Granted that there are some professional players who have lost their jobs and now carry multiple phones to catch Pokemons and sell their accounts, however, many of the players are simply too competitive, and they will constantly bring down gyms and hog them.

There are the usual suspects. Getting into multiple gyms with their multiple accounts, then defending them past 8 hours till no end. Leaving many others no chance to put their pokemons in the gyms.

There are also many other players who hack their GPS on their phones just to "fly" around to get Pokemons. That does not really bother me that much, but when you fight down a gym, these people come and fill up the gyms with their pokemons quickly.

It is ridiculous that even the gyms inside Bukit Brown are active at night. Perhaps, they can receive 4G LTE and people burn them cellphones...

Behaviors that pisses me off:

1) Please be gracious. If you are in a 2 gyms, and have stayed for more than 4 hours in each, please allow others to come in.

2) "Shaving" -- This is ridiculuous. When I have taken over a gym, spending time and hardwork to defeat a gym, I don't think anyone should come and "Shave" me off, minutes after I've put my pokemon inside. However, this is very common in neighbourhood areas in Singapore. Many aunties and uncles have multiple accounts and will shave you before you off can even a single coin in the gym. They will use their kids account from the other teams, and take out the first pokemon, then insert their own.

3) "Flying in to insert yourself into a gym." Yes, I know you spoof your GPS and can fly to anywhere to catch a pokemon, however, it is ridiculous that in the middle of MacRitchie Reservoir, someone can come and fill up a gym within seconds after the gym has been defeated. Most of the time, "No one is there" just a fly by to drop some pokemons. "REALLY REALLY ANNOYING" Please, if there are people who win the gym in some remote area, please give them a minute before the "airforce" slot in. I've had the app hang, and not able to put in anyone on several occasions.

There are many legit ways of playing the game, simply make friends, walk and enjoy the game. Don't spoil the fun for others with your unsocial behavior. Its just a game.

-- Ironbowl

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