Monday, June 18, 2018

Prediction for 2018/2019 #Singapore

Here are my predictions after the Malaysia General Elections.

I am sure some of the people in parliament start to feel a chill down their spine... Perhaps it is the aircon set at 20 degrees and they have a breeze blowing on their necks.

Well, I expect some changes to happen especially when their tone is completely changed before and after elections.

1) Expect more goodies - GST Angpow, Senior Citizen Packages and what not. Be clear that in 2019 and 2020, there will be more money given out to buy votes  trust.

2) 9% GST will be open for "discussion". The stance before the Malaysia election was that 9% is critical for growth, and test balloons were floated. When the opposition won in Malaysia, and the GST is getting abolished, the government would definitely reconsider their hard stance, may even delay it further until they win the next election.

3) When they placed a 100% tax on Motorcycles above $10k, no one took any action. The poor and marginalized are used to getting stepped on. And most of them don't know the effect on them, and did not want to think.

Then NEA gave a BS reason and banned bikes registered before July 2003. And when many of the motorcyclists who cannot afford new bikes found that their motorcycle are getting banned, there was much unhappiness. And a few groups sent petitions and wrote in to the papers to show displeasure.

I feel that banning the motorcycles by year is an unjust move, and motorcycles were already subjected to yearly vehicle tests, and with the current COE system, polluting vehicles and poorly maintained vehicles would not be on the roads anyway.

Thus, I feel that this motorcycle ban will be lifted by next year.

4) Carpark charges for teachers

The carpark charges for teachers is very unjust and stupid. Teachers put in extra effort and work late without claiming overtime, and they are charged parking. I expect some form of equitable sum to be paid to the teachers who drive and this may not be obvious to others as the government never admits mistakes or immoral decisions but to buy back the votes from teachers, there will be some agreements made.

As always, I don't expect the government to take any accountability for their decisions and actions, and would not backtrack because they are wrong, but because they are unpopular, I expect that some other reasons or made-up word be used to reverse decisions to make them look good.

-- Iron Bowl

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