Tuesday, June 12, 2018

S$20M Spent on Trump-Kim meeting

So what exactly happened?

From the perspective of a Singaporean in Singapore, being a gracious host to a peace event is something that we can be proud of. But what exactly happened?

In the past few days, there was more Google search for the country Singapore. This is a good thing as no doubt, many Americans will now know that Singapore is not part of China.

Educating Americans about the location of Singapore is rather hard and tricky. And even after spending the $20M, the US State department thinks that Singapore is part of Malaysia... This may be true say... 53 years ago.


The traffic during the event is horrible. When Kim Jong Un arrived, the traffic simply stopped. There was a lot of construction at Paya Lebar and not much communications, so when the traffic just stopped for security, it was utter chaos. It took me 1 hour to get from Paya Lebar to Toa Payoh on a motorcycle, a trip that would take 20 minutes during peak hour.

During the meeting on June 12, River Valley Road and Zion Road area was again blocked. Along with the road works in the area and lack of communications, everything did not move. It took me 1.5 hours to get out of the area as nothing moved. Nope, not even alternative routes worked.

Dennis Rodman

How can you not have Trump-Kim meeting with Dennis Rodman? The 5 time NBA champion is the master negotiator and there will be no agreement without him. He is probably the best defensive player there is, and yes, he is here in Singapore preventing a nuclear war!

St Regis, Shangri-La and Capella hotels

These hotels are the real big winners. They have a global audience for their brand. With the presidents staying there, they can add another list of celebrity staying in the hotel.

Kim Jong Un Toilet.

I don't think anyone believes in circular economy and zero waste as much as this man. Like a true green warrior, he brings his waste back for recycling. I'm sure the world would be a better place with him around, and for sure, the people he murdered are not wasted and definitely used for fertilizers for the plants in North Korea. #Organic

The Handshake.

So, Trump did not do the pull and squeeze on Kim Jong Un. The handshake was rather civil and the meeting seemed to be going on smoothly. Trump was rather "presidential" in his demeanor.

So what exactly happened?

1) The US and South Korea embargo on North Korea is still on. Nothing changed.
2) There is an agreement on paper that North Korea is starting the denuclearization process. It is the beginning of a trilateral negotiation involving US, South Korea and North Korea, to create a durable system of denuclearization and economic exchange.
3) Liberal media is still mocking Trump.
4) Foreigners who protested in Singapore get arrested. (Singapore is a protest free country)
5) Kim Jong Un gains legitimacy and prestige as part of the negotiation.
6) Trump gains the ability to brag that he has finally done something -- a start of a road to denuclearization of North Korea.
7) Singapore seemed right at home with the dictators, as freedom of expression is also highly curbed in Singapore. Human rights also pretty limited.

In short, the Trump-Kim meeting is to draft a Letter of Intent. With nothing gained by Kim Jong Un (Embargo is still on) and not much restrictions on nuclear weapons to start. There may be some agreement of releasing prisoners of war which may or may not happen.

So as a whole, the S$20M is spent to draft out an agreement.

Thank you Singapore for sponsoring such an International event. Like the Youth Olympics games, it has shown time and again that Singapore can be placed on the spotlight on international media when it decides to spend the money.

-- Iron Bowl.

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