Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Toa Payoh Bishan Town Council - A waste of Time and Money

This is what they call upgrading?

They built a hump around the car wash area last week and when I was washing my motorcycle, I've seen 4 people fall down because of the "invisible" hump which is pretty high. As this was such a hazard, and furthermore, it makes getting in and out of the washing bay very hard for big bikes, I guess they have received a lot of complains, and yesterday, this was built.

Why is a hump needed? What purpose does it serve? Why do they keep wasting money on useless constructions to inconvenience people?

Wonder if the cost over run again? Probably, this is Singapore way of Minister cannot manage budget, so everyone blow budget. Contractors meanwhile -- HUAT AH!

By the way, if you want to prevent the floor from being soapy and wet outside the washing area, build a depression or a drain with an angle for water to flow to the manhole, not a hump.

-- Ironbowl